“Atmosphere EP” – Reflections of Darkness Music Magazine

Hailing from Münster, Alternative Metal band PRISM was started in March of 2017. After its members had been dabbling mostly in Alternative Rock and Metalcore in the years prior, ‘Atmosphere’ is their first EP release.

It doesn’t take long for opener and title track, ‘Atmosphere’, to give away one of the band’s major influences as the melodic backing track and singer Martin Nowakoski’s vocal style and melodies bear an obvious resemblance to LINKIN PARK and the late, great Chester Bennington. Nowakoski does his best to live up to his stated idol and, backed by guitarist Daniel Castro-Balbi, establishes a strong vocal centre for the band’s music to evolve around. When needed, he effortlessly switches to shouts for the harder sections of ‘Heartless’, clean and calm vocals for the intermission of ‘Carry On’ or even rap for sections of ‘My Confession’.

Despite noticeable style influences, PRISM are intent on doing their own thing. The songs are driven by tight riffs, never afraid to dip into the harder side of the metal spectrum. Calm and almost dreamy sequences, while no less enjoyable, remain a temporary reprieve, inevitably followed by another in-your-face outburst to yank the listener back in. This is the wrong place to look for a ballad. It is the right place to look for five tracks that might surprise you, each with its own potential to get stuck in your head. ‘Atmosphere’ is a promising debut EP of a new alternative metal band and leaves us curious, maybe even craving, for more.


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